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How To Create The Perfect Surround System For Your Home

Apr 5, 2023
There’s nothing like hosting a party and having music all around your house! The living room, kitchen, patio, all connected through a Smart home and a sound system of the highest fidelity. Or watching a movie or TVshow partnered up with sound that brings any scene to life. At INEX, we pride ourselves in creating unique sound atmospheres using the latest technology. 

The Importance Of Surveillance For Your Business INEX Systems & Designs

Mar 29, 2023
Security and surveillance systems are essential for businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, as they help to protect employees, customers, and assets. With a growing population of over 500,000 people, Atlanta is a bustling city with a thriving business community, and as such, it’s important to take steps to ensure the safety of everyone who enters your business.